BMI for men-BMI in males

Height weight chart-BMI chart for men

bmi for men-BMI in males

BMI for men-BMI in males

BMI for men-BMI in males: BMI is the abbreviated name of BODY MASS INDEX. There are many health and nutritional institutions including;

  • Hospitals,
  • Hospices,
  • Clinics,
  • Doctors’ offices,
  • Schools,
  • Health centers including gyms

All use the BMI index for many reasons, for example, Gyms will measure your BMI to help you find an appropriate fitness program for you so that you do not lose too much weight and fat to the point that it make you underweight, which is unhealthy for you.

BMI Calculator

Hospices use the BMI to tell whether their patients are losing weight too quickly which is preventing their patients from improving sufficiently. Clinics, doctors’ offices and health centers are places many people go for a general checkup or to meet their nutritionist who will also keep a check of your BMI. This gives all professionals an opportunity to help them to get a grasp of whether you are underweight, healthy or obese.

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Your BMI measurement all depends on how tall you are compared to your weight, the professionals can then work out your BMI. I would not like to be the person who worked out Sultan Kosen BMI; he is a height of 8 feet 3 inches (251.4 cm) tall. A normal BMI is between 15 – 35 BMI I wander what is normal for him?

A male who is around 5’ 10” tall which is about average for a man is about 19-25 BMI and about 132 – 174 kilos. This is about average and of healthy weight and BMI, but men who are over the 25 BMI are classed as being obese or overweight, 30+ is classed as being morbidly obese. Men who are below 17 are underweight when it comes to men.

There is a problem for men with the fact those men who have a lot of muscle mass; this can make the BMI scale less accurate. Muscle mass is heavier than fat, this makes a man weigh more than a man without muscle mass. Some men have been told that they are classified as obese, when in fact they have very little body fat at all, it is all muscle.

Everyone should keep an eye on their own BMI

The world today in some parts of the world is being taken over by people who have a high BMI and are not taking care of their bodies. Not only are they making life difficult for themselves by leaving themselves open to illnesses such as Diabetes, strokes and coronary heart failure, but they are also driving up the numbers of people who are suffering from obesity and morbid obesity.

In the past 20 years from 1991 the obesity levels have steadily climbed from being 23.3% of the population has a BMI of over 30, last year when the figures were released they were as high as 30.9% of the population had a BMI of over 30.

The BMI index is one of the most important inventions within the medical worlds; you can check your BMI on any BMI calculator online. Keep a healthy BMI and feel the benefits.

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